Don't Take Chances With Roofing

Schedule roofing inspection services in Belmont, MI

Imagine moving into a new home. It looks like it's in good condition. You unpack, decorate and settle in.

After a few days, you've arranged a nice place to sit near your windows. You read while a slight drizzle turns into a thunderstorm. The sights and sounds outdoors are relaxing. The sound indoors is not. You hear a few water droplets on the floor, then more. Your beautiful new home has a faulty roof.

To avoid a nasty surprise like this, choose roofing inspection services. In Belmont, MI, Brigade Home Inspection Services, LLC performs meticulous inspections.

See what a roof inspection will uncover

When you receive roofing inspection services, you'll learn about all aspects of a home's roofing. Your local roof inspector will:

  • Examine the shingles
  • Assess the roof's life expectancy
  • Look for proper venting
  • See if the roof is properly flashed
  • Look for ordinary wear and tear and more serious damage
  • Assess whether roof penetrations are correctly sealed or flashed
  • Identify signs of fungal growth

To schedule roofing inspection services, call a local roof inspector today at 616-916-1325. Kevin Yeager of Brigade Home Inspection Services inspects homes within 60 miles of Belmont, MI.